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This is a listing of books, publications, organizations, and webpages which I've found to be useful or thought would be interesting.  

Career Counseling for CreativesWebpage:


                                           is an excellent webpage with links to visual arts jobs.

National Endowment for the Arts 202-682-5766
Americans for the Arts
New York Foundation for the Arts, 212-366-6900
National Endowment for the Humanities
American Federation of Arts
Arts & Business Council (includes arts management job listings)
Business Committee for the Arts
New York Council for the Humanities
NY Public Library for the Performing Arts (has job line)  212-870-1630
Great Resource for finding NYC arts groups:
Excellent general links page:
Center for Studies in Creativity/Buffalo State U. (great links)
Center for Creativity/ Maryland
National Center for Creativity:
New York Council for the Humanities
Library for the Performing Arts (has job line)  212-870-1630
Great Resource for finding NYC arts groups:
Creativity books with reviews:
Arts in Education Career Training Certificate Program: or 
Entertainment Careers links page, jobs boards in film, etc.:
Press with books on art, photography, design, music, writing.
NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs links to museums & cultural resources

Open Directory Visual Arts Links:
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Artist Resources page (many links):
Art Support (gallery info & art business education) :
Art Deadlines List
Graphic Artists Guild: membership organization with job line, group health 
benefits, etc.
World Wide Art Resources... This interactive arts gateway will give you 
access to artists, museums, galleries, high quality art, art history, arts 
education, antiques, dance, theater, classified ads, resume postings, arts 
chats, discussion forums and much more.
Visual Arts resumes etc.
Freelancers: designers, illustrators, writers editors job board
NYC Departmant of Cultural Affairs, Percent for Art program, public art
Canada's Community Learning Nework arts theme pages
Index of art galleries in NYC
East Village Online art gallery
Art Seen SoHo... on online magazine on the SoHo art scene
Art & Politics of the Lower East Side
New York Institute of Photography  212-867-8264
Art & Photography
Art Information Center, 212-227-0282
ArtSearch  212-697-5230
American Council for the Arts 212-223-2787
Photographic Society of America  405-843-1437
International Center of Photography  212-860-1776  

Theater JobList  812-474-0549
Actor's Fund/ Actor's Work Project (for Union members only)         

Hampden Booth Theatre Library  212 228 7610
AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)  212-532-0800
Hambone: a magazine listing Off-Broadway casting calls & productions plus 
articles (subscription based)
Drama League of NY (runs director's training program)
Theater Wire: up-to-date theater, dance etc.  info
Actortec... acting coaching & assistance
Alternative theater performance space in NY's East Village, PS122
Open Casting for NYC theater
Casting Site
Casting Calls/ NYC (Playbill Magazine)
Future Casting 2000: job listings in theater, including crews,  with free 
Casting Directors listings
Casting via web
Sides/ digital online screenplays, etc. for a fee:
Casting Directory via the web/ the Player's Guide (fee-based)

Career Transition for Dancers (helps those who have made their living from dance for an extensive amount of time and want/need to do something else)
Dance Theater Workshop
American Ballet Theater
Dance Magazine
Theater Wire: up-to-date theater, dance etc.  info
Dance Magazines search
Dansource  1-800-723-0312
Job Express Registry/ American Dance Guild

Entertainment Careers links page, jobs boards in film, etc.:  


TV Jobs:

National Association of Broadcasters

Crew Net Membership-based job listings for film and TV productions. Members can submit their resumes and receive an e-mail account for free.    From: - Jobs  Free career information and job listings in the entertainment industry: film, television and music.  

Find a Great Job in the Tri-State Area Serious about finding a new job? Use our search function to find information on entertainment jobs. The New York Times Job Market.    From:  

ABC Entertainment Jobs  Become a member and receive instant access to hundreds of film crew jobs at all of the major production companies and studios.   From:  

Entertainment Jobs in film Television music animation Studios Networks: Disney, Fox, New Line, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. 

Entertainment jobs & internships in film, TV, cable or radio. ... Entertainment Employment Journal Serving the Industry since 1992

Arts & Entertainment crew jobs for TV & Film Jobs   Set & Stage workers entry level 

COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA PR & General Special Events Writing / Editing Publishing Entertainment Music  

Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers
Independent Television Service  415-356-8383
Anthology Film Archives  212-505-5181
Film Video Arts: film classes, equipment rental  212-673-9361
Mayor's Office of Film & Video....  gives permits for shooting films in NYC.  
Has jobs list for film and tons of great links, like a link to archives of 
NYFILM.COM: a site with links to all aspects of filmmaking; "New York's First 
Online Production Office"
Film Core: independent NYC Underground Film Festival (in March), also has a 
Post-Production Fund to promote unique visions in film & video
Millenium Film Forum:  avant-garde film workshops, membership organization 
in the lower east side, has screenings, equipment rental & loan, 
production studio, screening space, for a fee.
Independent Feature Project... showcases documentary features, shorts, 
scripts, etc. for film industry
Paper Tiger Television  political indie TV
Funding Exchange: has a grant program for independent documentary films & 
radio productions
Indie 7  Independent Film & Filmmaking
New Media Women... webgrrls
Morrie Warshawski (fundraising info for indie film)

Musicians National Hotline  801-268-2000
American Federation of Musicians  1-800-762-3444
American Music Center  212-366-5260
Archive of Contemporary Music 212 226 6967
International Songwriter's Assoc:
Songwriters Guild Foundation
Folk Music Venues Database:
Missouri All-State Band Careers in Music Page
Folk Alliance (major folk music organization)
Musician's Classifieds
List of NYC Music Venues (non-classical)
Musician's Atlas... buy a book of contacts in the industry...
National Music Foundation 212-582-0556
Emerging Artists & Talent in Music (EAT'M) conference, festival for artists 
and professionals in the music industry  

Writers Guild of America:
National Writers Union career resources
Poets & Writers Online
East Village Poetry Web
Freelancers: designers, illustrators, writers editors job board
Market Insight for Playwrights: subscribe to get listings of theaters wanting 
new work.
Authors Guild Foundation, provides assistance and emergency grants to 
authors who have been PUBLISHED in recognized presses in the US.  
Poets House library 212-431-7920
Inkspot, the writer's community writer's exchange
Info on Telecommuting jobs   
Writing jobs  
Technical Writing info:
Technical Writing info:
Alternative Press Index:
Tech writing jobs   
Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource

Alliance of Artists Communities:
Musician's Injuries Page (about carpal tunnel, which can also affect writers)
Veteran's Admin Art page:

Idealist   web page of nonprofit groups, including 
Foundation Center:    assists artists, writers, performers, and nonprofit arts groups in getting foundation grants
Progressive Publications
           assists artists, writers, performers in getting foundation grants

Resume, Interviewing etc. General Advice Pages:
Keirsey Temperament Sorter (a MBTI version...a good page, but it will be more 
helpful if you have a career advisor interpret the test for you)

Career Counselors Consortium of NY (I am a member)
Intern'l Assoc of Career Mgmt Prof'ls
Nat'l Bd of Certified Counselors
Nat'l Resume Writers Assoc
Prof'l Assoc of Resume Writers
Internat'l Career Development Library
Nat'l Career Development Assoc
O*Net--Occupational Info (downloadable database of job titles, descriptions, and career information)
Career Questionnaire
Job Search Readiness Inventory
Career Infonet:
Occupational Outlook Handbook (excellent searchable online database of career information)

General Jobs pages/ Company Info (these are excellent general interest internet job boards)
JobWeb (National Assoc of Colleges & Employers web page)
Vault...a job board with salary surveys, company info, etc.   or
Excellent info on major companies:
JobBank USA   specializes in providing career information, including job and resume database services to job candidates,
employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.
Resume Broadcaster
Science, Industry & Business Library (this midtown Manhattan library has TONS of great job and business related info, as well as books like the Occupational Outlook handbook and free seminars on starting your own business)
Wetfeet...This site has behind-the-scenes company info on various large companies:
What Color is Your Parachute Website (excellent links)
Wall Street Journal Career Page

CAREER SERVICE OFFICES OF ARTS/MUSIC COLLEGES  (I'm not necessarily recommending these schools, but they often have good career info)
Fashion Institute of Technology
Manhattan School of Music
Cooper Union
Berklee College of Music, careers in music page
UT Austin

--Compiled by Heather Lev, Career Counseling for Creatives

Creating a Life Worth Living, Carol Lloyd, HarperPerennial, c1997.

Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, Carol Eikleberry, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA, 2000.

Career Solutions for Creative People : How to Balance Artistic Goals With Career Security by Ronda Ormont, Allworth Press, 2001.

What Color is Your Parachute, Nelson Bolles, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA, 2000.     A classic. Visit his webpage:

The Artist's Way Julia Cameron

Taking Charge of Your Career Direction, Robert D. Lock, Wadsworth, Stamford, CT, 2000.

To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love, Marsha Sinetar, St. Martin's Press, 1995.

Zen and the Art of Making a Living, Laurence G. Boldt, Penguin, 1999.

Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes  Once you know your Holland Code, this book may be helpful; I have copies of all listings with the letter A included.

Do What You Are, Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger, 1995, Little, Brown & Co., Boston.  Useful in applying MBTI personality inventory to job search.

Inspiration Sandwich, Sark, Celestial Press, 1992.   I recommend all Sark books for feeding your creative soul.

Day Jobs Books
Earning Money Without a Job, Jay Conrad Levinson, Henry Holt, NYC, 1991.

Survival Jobs, Deborah Jacobson, Broadway Books.

EXPLORING: Career Information--General Books
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy Types, Marjorie Eberts & Margaret Gisler, 1992, VGM Career Horizons, Chicago.

CAREER INFORMATION: Visual Arts/ Design Books
Fine Artist's Career Guide, Daniel Grant, Allworth Press  Excellent overview of various ways of earning a living through visual art, with interviews with artists, great lists of organizations and resources, etc.  Daniel Grant, and Allworth Press, are both highly recommended.

Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers  (also there are books for Business & Legal Forms for Crafts, Illustrators, Fine Artists, etc.), Crawford and Doman Bruck

Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Crawford

Becoming a Graphic Designer by Heller and Fernandez

Artists and Graphic Designers Markets 2000 by Writer's Digest Books

Presentation Techniques for the Graphic Artist -- How to Sell Your Ideas Effectively by Jenny Mulherin

100 Best Careers for Writers and Artists, Shelly Field, Macmillian USA, 1998.

Artists Communities: A Directory of Residencies in the United States Offering Time and Space for Creativity.  New York, NY:  Allworth Press, 1996.

Artists and Writers Colonies:  Retreats, residencies, and Respites for the Creative Mind.  Hillsboro, OR: Blue Heron Publishing, Inc., 1995.

The Digital Directory: Art and Technology Resources in New York State,  Amy Brill, New York: New York Foundation for the Arts, 1999.  Or visit

CAREER INFORMATION: Performing Arts -- Music, Dance, Acting Books
Resumes for Performing Arts Careers -- VGM Publishers  Gives a general idea of resume formats, with examples, but read a "real" resume writing book first.

Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts, Shelly Field, 1999, Checkmark Books/ Facts on File, Inc.  Includes comprehensive lists of theaters, ballet companies, professional associations, unions,workshops, degree programs, orchestras, operas, and arts councils in US and Canada, plus profiles of many different careers.

Running Your Rock Band, Bill Henderson, Schirmer Books, 1996.

Playing for Pay, James Gibson, Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, 1990.

Rock Singer's Survival Manual, Mark Baxter, Hal Leonard Press, Milwaukee, 1990.

All you Need to Know about the Music Business, Donald Passman

Songwriter's Market, Laufenberg, Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati.

Gigging--The Musician's Underground Touring Directory, Dorf & Appell, Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, 1989.

This Business of Music, M. William Krasilovsky and Sidney Shemel, Billboard Books, NYC, 2000.

Songwriters on Songwriting, Paul Zollo, Da Capo Press.

Opportunities in New Music  New York: American Music Center, 1997 (grants, competitions for music awards).

CAREER INFORMATION: Performing Arts...Theater Books
How to Be a Working Actor, Maru Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers, C. 1994, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York  Excellent overview of the business.

Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts, Shelly Field, 1999, Checkmark Books/ Facts on File, Inc.  Includes comprehensive lists of theaters, ballet companies, professional associations, unions,workshops, degree programs, orchestras, operas, and arts councils in US and Canada, plus profiles of many different careers.

Acting, Jaq Greenspon, VGM Career Horizons, 1996.

Opportunities in Acting Careers, Dick Moore, VGM Career Horizons, 1993.

An Actor's Guide:  Your First Year in Hollywood, Michael St. Nicholas, Allworth Press, 1996.

Film and Video Career Directory, Bradley J. Morgan, and Joseph M. Palmisano, Visible Ink, 1994.

Opportunities in Film Careers,  Jan Bone, VGM Career Horizons, 1998.

The Independent Film & Videomakers Guide, Michael Wiese, Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions, 1998.

CAREER INFORMATION: Books About Writing Careers
Writer's Market by Writer's Digest Books, 2000.

100 Best Careers for Writers and Artists, Shelly Field, Macmillian USA, 1998.

Career Opportunities for Writers, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, c. 1995, Facts on File, Inc., New York

Careers for Writers and Others Who Have a Way With Words, Robert W. Bly, c. 1996, VGM Career Horizons, Chicago

Artists and Writers Colonies:  Retreats, residencies, and Respites for the Creative Mind.  Hillsboro, OR: Blue Heron Publishing, Inc., 1995.

Money For Writers: Over 800 Cash Awards, Grants, Prizes, Contests, Scholarships, Retreats and More, New York: Henry Holt & Co, 1997.

Grants and Awards Available to American Writers, New York, PEN American Center, annual.

The Journalist's Road to Success:  A Career and Scholarship Guide, Princeton, NJ: Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, annual.

General Resume Books/ JobSearch Books
Resumes for Dummies, Joyce Lain Kennedy 
Winning Resumes, Robin Ryan
Cover Letters That Will Get You The Job You Want, Stanley Wynett  The best book I've seen on cover letter writing.
Resumes in Cyberspace, Pat Criscito
Resumes for Performing Arts Careers -- VGM Publishers
First Job
Job Hunting for Dummies
Internet for Dummies
Cool Careers for Dummies, Marty Nemko, Paul & Sarah Edwards, IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 1998, Foster City, CA.

Magazines & Other Publications

American Artist Magazine
Camera Arts  (photography)

Dance  Magazine

The Independent  Film & Video Monthly (published by AIVF)
Movie Maker
Shoot--The Leading Newsweekly for Commercial Production & 
Sight and Sound

International Musician (publication of American Federation of Musicians)  212-869-1330
Musicians Service Announcement
Jazz Journal

Writer's Digest Magazine
Poets & Writers

On Location Magazine
Theatre Crafts Magazine

--Compiled by Heather Lev, Career Counseling for Creatives
Visual Arts
Acting/ Theater
General Jobs Links
Career Services @
 Arts Colleges


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