Rationale & Testimonials:
Career Coaching for Creatives
"There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money, either."
--Robert Graves

About 1.5% of the U.S. civilian labor force was employed in artistic occupations in 1990.  Yet, 9% of American men and 13% of American women were classified as Artistic, meaning there were about seven times many artistic types as there were artistic jobs.  Over 75% of artistic people work a "day job" while working on their art.  You are not alone!  Career Counseling for Creatives provides a supportive community of like-minded people.  There is always a way to balance your life needs.  Career Counseling for Creatives can help.

Selected Comments from Clients/ Testimonials
I am delighted to recommend Heather and her service Career Counseling for Creatives.  With only one session of Heather's thorough and enjoyable guidance, I have:
1) brainstormed ideas for new income streams and marketing schemes;
2) created pitch letters;
3) organized a flowchart for my business plan;
4) structured a "next step" to do list;
Heather's ability to catalyze the sorting of a huge volume of inter-related ideas and help me identify and prioritize manageable tasks was enormously helpful.  I recommend her without reservation.  Her creative generosity is a beacon for many. 
--Maria G. Olivas 
Founder and Principal, The Practical Martial Artist Workshop, Same Planet Seminars; songwriter, martial artist, writer and comic

Thank you so much for your help the past Tuesday. You are great in showing the options out there, and making one believe the options are attainable. I have taken out several jobs-for-writers books from the library, including those you recommended. And I actually left my job, I could not bear it any longer. Now I have the time to act!  You helped me to re-find faith in myself.  There is another person interested in your services, a friend, and there will be more people on my path that I will pass the word to.
--E. O., writer, journalist

 I wanted to say thank you for last week, you've helped me so much. I feel tons better about looking for a job because of our meeting. Have a good weekend, trust me, you've earned it. Cheers, 
--J. K., chef/ painter

I think the workshop went really well, and it's a great idea. I was really inspired afterward.  I think your outline is fantastic and I think, for me at least, the imagery exercises were great. I think imagining solutions or goals is really helpful, and I think for me it's good to do it in that kind of structured situation because it makes it feel more real, and I'm less likely to get bogged down with outside thoughts ("maybe I should be more focused on money. Maybe I should be doing my laundry instead of thinking," etc.)  I was thinking for a while that I needed exactly this kind of workshop- I'm sure lots of people have thought the same.  Thanks again, 
--T.K., filmmaker

Heather gave me confidence and showed me how I could create my resume in a nontraditional and effective way which showed me what my real skills were.  She also helped me evaluate several day jobs to balance my needs.  Her workshop introduced me to several people who are "in the same boat" as me, which was excellent for networking and support.
--M.L., drummer and writer

Heather has a special gift for making people feel at ease.  Her gentle manner helped me envision many possible career paths.
--D. T., singer and landscape architect

Dear Heather thank you very much for your advice and positive energy. If I need further help in the future you will definately be the career counselor I will contact.
--K. L., painter

Thank you so much for your message. It was all very helpful and appreciated. 
Heather, I so appreciate all you do for me. 
--S., pianist/composer/teacher

 You obviously have a vast--very impressive--background.  Thank you so much.
--R. I., composer 

Thank you so much for your input on my resume and cover letter. I found it to be so helpful. I have included the suggestions you have made and tried to add my own special touch to my "finished" product! ...I found what I thought was a perfect job for me....I sent in my cover letter and resume and I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you again.  
--K. R., artist/social worker

I will Thank You So Much : )
--J. R., drummer

I feel that your spirit and your willingness to give of yourself for people is a big plus.
--Joel, songwriter/activist

All aspects were helpful, instructions and guidance were very direct and helpful.  She was very helpful in every way.

I thought it was very helpful when the counselor gave suggestions and also listened to my suggestions and did not just dismiss my ideas.

I learned the correct way to write a resume, present myself on an interview, and be professional on work site.  Everything I learned today was very helpful.  Keep up the good work!

(Heather) was very friendly and made the students comfortable during the workshop program.  I recommend more students to stop by...for any information or questions they might have.

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