Radical Artists' Network
We stand for: socioeconomic justice, democracy, equality, the environment, education, world peace;
We stand against: racism, sexism, homophobia, censorship, war, inequity, globalization, corporate power, abuse of children and animals, violence.

We hold to the following precepts:
*We value each person's contributions.
*We take an activist stance and focus on transforming the public view through creativity.
*We are not a profit making entity.
*We include all forms of artistic expression.

Our goals are:
*To serve as a clearinghouse of information on activism, issues and art.
*To serve as a network for encouragement and support of our members.
*To provide a noncompetitive forum for sharing ideas.
*To continue to grow & include new members in all forms of artistic expression.
A network of writers, songwriters, visual artists, poets/spoken word, hip hop artists, performance artists, actors/guerilla theater, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, etc. whose creations address leftist political issues.

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Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against AIDS
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Support Human Rights
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